30+ Retirement Quotes for Doctors

retirement quotes for doctors

We need doctors. They are so important to our every day lives and keeping us healthy. So when a physician comes to the end of their career it’s not right to say happy retirement, doctor and wish them well. But knowing what to say can be difficult. You want to show them how valued they … Read more

33 Retirement Quotes for Librarians

retirement quotes for librarians

Not sure what to say to a retiring librarian? Need some retirement quotes for librarians? Then read on! A librarian may not be the most glamorous job in the world but they play an important role. Library’s are a key part of towns and communities and mean a lot to many people. So when a … Read more

Retirement Wishes for Plumbers

retirement wishes for plumbers

What do you say to someone who is retiring from a life as a plumber? How do you say happy retirement to a plumber? After years of doing a manual trade and working hard it can be difficult to adjust to retirement. You can feel like you don’t matter and lose any sense of purpose. … Read more

Retirement Wishes for a Sailor

retirement wishes for a sailor

What do you say to your retired friend who has spent his or her life at sea? How do you say happy retirement to a sailor? When someone retires from the military, the merchant marine or just commercial sailing they often face a period of adjustment after leaving their career behind. It can be tough … Read more

38 Retirement Wishes for your Mother

retirement wishes for mother

Your mother retiring is a big event in both yours and her life. After years of working to provide for you it’s now time for her to relax and enjoy her life. A break well earned. With her retirement though you may have decided to send flowers or a gift, and with that a card. … Read more

35 Retirement Wishes for a Friend

Retirement Wishes for a friend

At some point we will all retire. Or at least reach the age when it becomes a possibility. Many will choose to continue their working life as they find it brings them happiness and a sense of purpose. But just as many will decide to give up full time employment and enjoy the chance to … Read more

67 Retirement Wishes for your Boss

retirement wishes for boss

When your boss decides to retire then it only seems right to wish them luck with the new phase of their life. Depending on your relationship with him or her will determine the type of retirement message you choose to use. You will want to get your retirement wishes for boss just right. If they … Read more