33 Retirement Quotes for Librarians

Not sure what to say to a retiring librarian? Need some retirement quotes for librarians?

Then read on!

A librarian may not be the most glamorous job in the world but they play an important role. Library’s are a key part of towns and communities and mean a lot to many people.

So when a librarian retires you should thank them for their hard work and dedication. Let them know how much all they did meant to you.

But if you’re struggling with what to say or write in a retirement card then use these example wishes and messages to librarians and let them know just how valued they have been and how much you will miss them.

Retirement Quotes for Librarians

  • Happy retirement! May you enjoy years of relaxation and doing whatever you want.
  • Thank you for your years of hard work. You have earned a long and happy retirement.
  • You’ve served the community so well and always been there for us. Thank you and good luck with your retirement.
  • I will miss seeing your friendly face in the library whenever I came in. Farewell and enjoy all the freedom of retirement.
  • After being such a huge part of so many peoples lives it’s going to be very sad to see you go. We say goodbye with such fondness.
  • The library just won’t be the same without you! Have a wonderful retirement.
  • You’ve put back your last book! Congratulations on your retirement and here’s to an exciting new chapter.
  • Thank you for your phenomenal dedication. The whole town owes you so much gratitude for all you’ve done.
  • I can’t imagine not seeing you in the library. You’re a huge part of that institution and I’m really sorry you’re leaving. But I’m sure retirement will be a blessing and I hope you enjoy all that time off.
  • Where will I get my book recommendations now!? Good luck in the future and here’s to a very enjoyable retirement.
  • You have helped the library to thrive and be a place of such joy to do many people. From kids to the elderly the library is so important and much of that is down to you. So I hope you take pride in all you’ve done as you retire.

retirement quote for librarian

Retirement Wishes for a Librarian

  • Best of luck for the future and whatever you choose to do next!
  • Sending you my best wishes for a happy retirement and lots of long lie-in’s
  • I hope you have a very long retirement doing everything you’ve dreamed of. All my Iove.
  • I’ve been using the library for years now and your friendly face has been a joy all that time. I’m pleased that you’re going to get a nice rest with retiring but will miss you very much.
  • I will be raising a glass for you today as you head off into the sunset. Happy retirement my friend.
  • I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside you for a while now and wanted to say how much of a pleasure it has been. I’ve learnt loads and will really miss you. Good luck with your retirement.
  • After so many years of hard work no one deserves to retire more than you do. Best wishes.
  • You can look back on a long and impressive career and be so proud. Congratulations on retiring and wishing you all the best.
  • Happy retirement! You can now do whatever you want at whenever you want, and there’s no one to tell you not to. Enjoy the freedom that retirement brings.
  • Here’s to this new phase of your life bringing you joy, laughter and even more special memories to hold on to. Happy retirement.
  • May your retirement bring you lots of new challenges and fun! All the best.
  • All of us at the library wanted to tell you how much we love you! Working with you has been a joy and we won’t forget it. Have a fantastic retirement and don’t forget about us!

retirement message for librarian

Retirement Messages for Librarians

  • May your days be full of joy and excitement as you head into retirement.
  • As you retire know that so many people will be doing all they can to make that transition easy. Wishing you all the happiness and love.
  • I know you will embrace retirement with both hands and seize all get opportunities that come your way.
  • I’m delighted that you now get the chance to put yourself first and that retirement brings you the happiness we all know you deserve.
  • You have been devoted to helping this library run smoothly for years now and without your influence it wouldn’t be thriving the way it is. But you now deserve to enjoy your golden years so we wish you so much happiness as you retire.
  • Thank you for so many amazing years of keeping the library running. You’ve been so good at your job and you really do deserve an incredible retirement.
  • I hope that whatever you decide to do next it is filled with joy and happiness. Happy retirement my friend.
  • It was always a pleasure to have someone so helpful and kind at the library. You were so well liked and will be deeply missed. Wishing you a very happy retirement.
  • Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you’ll still come by the library and see the rest of us.
  • No more responsibilities, no more traffic jams and no more long commutes! Enjoy the best years of your life.

We hope these retirement wishes for librarians have given you some ideas of what to say to a librarian when they retire. Just show them how much you appreciated their hard work and the amazing job they did as well as how everyone will miss them.

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