Retirement Wishes for Plumbers

What do you say to someone who is retiring from a life as a plumber? How do you say happy retirement to a plumber?

After years of doing a manual trade and working hard it can be difficult to adjust to retirement. You can feel like you don’t matter and lose any sense of purpose.

So when writing a retirement message you should aim to be uplifting and talk about the positives of retiring. Wish them well and focus on all the great things that come with retirement.

If you’re not sure what to say the retirement wishes for plumbers below should help you help you to find the perfect words.

Retirement Wishes for a Plumber

These are short and simple retirement messages for plumbers that would go well in a retirement card, text message or email.

  • You’ve unplugged your last drain! Congratulations and enjoy a well earned retirement.
  • No more pipes and broken toilets! It’s just freedom from here on out. Happy retirement.
  • Congratulations, you’ve spent years working hard and now deserve a rest.
  • It’s your time now. Time to do whatever you want and enjoy yourself.
  • It’s time for the fun to begin! Forget plumbing and start living!
  • Happy retirement my friend. You’ve put in the hard work and long hours and now have your reward.
  • Wishing you the best of luck luck with whatever you decide to do next in life!
  • No more being on call to fix peoples sinks. You can enjoy lie-ins and doing whatever you want. Happy retirement.
  • Congratulations on your retirement and wishing you exciting new adventures for the future.
  • You can look forward to some amazing years ahead of you and a brilliant retirement. Enjoy, pal!
  • Congratulations and best wishes for many more wonderful years and fantastic new memories to be made.
  • Happy retirement and thank you for your dedication to plumbing.
  • Congratulations and farewell! You’ve been one of the most professional people I’ve known and no one deserves a good retirement like you do.

Plumber Retirement Messages

  • Enjoy the advantages and freedom that retirement offers and embrace your new life. Happy retirement
  • After working so hard you have earned this break. Good luck in your retirement.
  • Your life is entering a new chapter and one with so many exciting opportunities. I hope you get to enjoy all that retiring has to offer.
  • My best wishes for your retirement. I hope it is everything you’ve dreamed of.
  • You will be missed so much by everyone! But we hope you have a great retirement!
  • Have a happy retirement but try not to forget us!
  • Thanks for so many great moments and may you be moving on to a new and wonderfully exciting phase of your life.
  • Wishing you so much happiness for the rest of your life and everything that will come next.
  • You made it out alive! Congratulations and enjoy being retired and doing anything you want.
  • Work may be ending but all that means is the fun is just beginning! Make the most of retirement and enjoy every second of it.
  • All my love and best wishes for your retirement. You have worked incredibly hard and this time is your reward.
  • Congratulations my friend! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous but I hope you can enjoy every bit of being retired.

Funny Retirement Messages for Plumbers

A funny retirement message can put a smile on the face of whoever is retiring and give them a laugh on such a big day.

  • “Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it.” – Gene Perret
  • Now Fridays aren’t the best day of the week anymore – they all are!
  • Retirement is just a never-ending vacation! Lucky you!
  • Enjoy your permanent weekend
  • This place won’t be the same without you. In case you’re wondering, that’s a compliment
  • Your retirement brings out a lot of emotions in me, but I’d have to say the biggest one is envy!
  • One of the problems with retirement is that it gives you more time to read about all the problems of retirement
  • Think about retirement as being two six-month holidays per year
  • What? You can’t be old enough to retire!?

Hopefully these retirement wishes for plumbers have helped you to wish them a happy retirement and all the best for the future.

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