Top 69 Retirement Cake Sayings

the top retirement cake sayings

Are you looking for what to say on a retirement cake but aren’t sure about the best wording? Need some heartfelt, funny or touching retirement cake sayings for someone you care about? Don’t panic! We’re here to help Retirement is a huge event in anyone’s life. And it’s often celebrated with a big party and … Read more

Military Retirement Quotes and Messages

military retirement quotes

When someone retires it’s usually quite a big deal. But doing so from the military is an even greater event. A lifetimes worth of service to the country should be celebrated. Not to mention recognising what an amazing achievement it is. But if you’re going to give a speech or send someone a card for … Read more

72 Inspirational Retirement Quotes

Inspirational retirement quotes

Retirement is a time of celebration and excitement for some. The freedom it gives allows them to try new things and experience the world. But for others it’s filled with fear and worry. It marks the end of their usefulness and the beginning of old age. So sometimes they, or you, might need a bit … Read more

Retirement Sayings

Retirement sayings 1

Adding one or more retirement sayings to a retirement card is a great way to make it more interesting or personal. They can either help to avoid something boring or cliche which is often found in most cards or can reflect upon something more personal to the person retiring. A thoughtful saying can sum up … Read more

Retirement Quotes: Famous and Inspiring Sayings

retirement quotes and inspiring sayings

One thing you can do if you are struggling to find the appropriate words for a retirement card message is to use one or more retirement quotes. This gives you the opportunity of using the words or feelings already articulated by someone else, perhaps in a better way, but also find something inspiring or with … Read more