Top 69 Retirement Cake Sayings

Are you looking for what to say on a retirement cake but aren’t sure about the best wording? Need some heartfelt, funny or touching retirement cake sayings for someone you care about?

Don’t panic! We’re here to help

Retirement is a huge event in anyone’s life. And it’s often celebrated with a big party and retirement cake. But knowing what to write on top of that cake can be tricky. You want your words to express how you feel about the retiree, at the same time it needs to be simple and concise to fit on the cake.

So finding the right words for a retirement cake saying is more difficult than you might first think. But it doesn’t have to be.

And if you’re struggling with putting your thoughts into words and saying more than just “Happy Retirement” then use these wording examples for retirement cake sayings we’ve compiled to get the perfect retirement cake message.

Short and Simple Retirement Cake Sayings

These retirement cake wording ideas are simple and to the point, as well as being short in length (so ideal to fit on a cake). You can use them for both a work event or a casual party.

  • Missing you already!
  • Have an amazing retirement!
  • The Countdown is Over – Happy Retirement
  • Time to relax
  • Retirement – Now the fun begins!
  • Now every day can be a weekend!
  • Good luck! We’ll miss you
  • Look forward to lie-ins again!
  • On to new adventures
  • Enjoy Your Retirement
  • Congratulations! Have fun
  • Now Gainfully Unemployed
  • Here’s to the test of your life
  • Your best years are ahead of you
  • Enjoy your exciting new chapter
  • Work may be ending but fun is beginning!
  • Your new adventure starts today
  • Life begins with retirement
  • Best wishes on an amazing retirement
  • Work won’t be the same without you
  • You got out alive!
  • Retirement is oh-so sweet
  • Thanks for your dedicated service
  • You will be missed
  • The best is yet to come
  • Time for fun!
  • Enjoy your future
  • You’ve earned a much deserved rest
  • Congratulations and have fun!
  • Thanks for all the good times

Funny Sayings and Messages

Using a funny retirement cake saying is a great way to add some humour and laughter to a party. Poke fun at the retiree or help them to revel in the fact they’re retiring and everyone else isn’t with these funny sayings.

  • Goodbye Tension – Hello Pension!
  • Take us with you!
  • It’s all lazy days from now on!
  • Off the clock – for good!
  • Congratulations on making it out alive
  • You take the cake!
  • Enjoy your new 7 day weekend
  • Getting up after midday, no traffic jams or suits… what, I’m not jealous!
  • Showering is now optional (But still recommended!)
  • It’s ok to be lazy NOW!
  • Retirement is the icing on the cake
  • We’re going to miss you… just not your bad jokes!
  • Enjoy retirement.. and your sweatpants!
  • Unemployed and loving it!
  • Goodbyes can be so long and hard.. so just go already!
  • Eat your cake and leave
  • Who needs weekends? You’re retired!
  • Happy retirement to my favourite old fart
  • Who am I going to get to cover for me now!?
  • You’re retiring? No fair!

Want more humorous ideas? Try these funny messages and quotes.

For Nurses

These cake messages are ideal for a nurses retirement.

  • Thank you for your years of service
  • Your compassion has been incredible
  • You will be sorely missed
  • Congratulations on your last shift!
  • Your patients will miss you
  • Retired, but a nurse for life
  • You made other people’s lives better. Now time to put yourself first
  • You’ve been an inspiration. Thank you
  • No more bedpans and bandages!
  • Selfless for years. Enjoy retirement /li>

For Teachers

If a teacher is retiring then these cake sayings are a great addition for a retirement cake and party.

  • School’s out forever!
  • No more exams!
  • Thank you all your efforts
  • You changed lives, now enjoy yours
  • Your new assignment: relax!
  • You’ve graded your last paper!
  • The grade for your career: A+
  • You have been an inspiration to all the children. Congratulation and happy retirement
  • End of term.. forever!

Try out retirement wishes for teachers for more ideas of what to say.

We hope these retirement cake sayings for friends, family and more have helped you to find the ideal message for a someone’s cake as you celebrate there retirement.

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