25 Retirement Verses for Cards

Sometimes a retirement card can do with some livening up. They can be a bit sterile or dull, sticking to the same format or bland phrases and wording in the message.

A good way to make it more interesting, fun or touching can be to include one or more retirement verses. These verses allow the sender to express their feelings in a more articulate way, or find a humorous means to celebrate what is a very big event in this recipients life.

So now your convinced about the positives of retirement verses, try some of them below for your own retirement card and put a smile on whoever it is that’s retirings face.

Retirement Verses

No alarms to set,
No deadlines to meet,
You can relax when you want to,
Take the load off your feet,
You can sit in the sun,
Read papers all day,
The world is your oyster,
Time to do things YOUR way!

All of us are gonna miss you,
so we send this card to say,
we wish you all the very best
on this your retirement day.

Now that you have retired
And getting all your pension
Will you be able to buy me roses
Also the diamonds I forgot to mention?

Now retirement has caught up with you
You’ve no rush to get out of bed
Rest , relax, read a book
Let others work instead

We’re so sorry that you’re leaving us,
but you’ve earned the right to take,
the time to put your feet up,
and enjoy a well-earned break!

Wishing you all the very best
from all your friends & colleagues.

It’s time to put your feet up,
It’s time to take a rest,
It’s time to be an expert,
In knowing that retirement is best,
For doing all the things,
You’ve never had time to do,
Brings a sense of much fulfilment,
And many joys to you!

Your retirement has come early,
I know it’s not without regret,
But sometimes in life the hand that we’re dealt,
Isn’t where we placed our bet,
But I’m sure as time passes,
You’ll find much to fill your day,
And you’ll soon begin to wonder,
That maybe life IS better this way!

It’s time to down tools,
It’s time to take things slow,
It’s time to move out the fast lane,
It’s time to pass the load,
You’ve worked hard for many years,
Now it’s time to rest,
Raise a glass and celebrate,
The next years are the best!

Retirement needs two things.
So it’s not a complete bore.
The first is much to live on
and the second much to live for.

Who ever said your past it didn’t know 
you all that well,
You may be retiring but will you slow 
down.. uh, no way, like hell!

Congratulations on your retirement
you can now sleep in late,
no more of those early mornings,
isn’t your life just great.

Your retirement day has arrived darling,
its now your turn to rest
you deserve this time for yourself,
to do the things you like best.

Retirement verses

This not going to work lark
At first is rather strange
So it’s my job to help you adjust
So some fun I will arrange.
I thought about some bowling
or taking up golf again.
But trust me, you want to find something –
something to keep you sane!

Can’t believe your old enough!
For retirement from this place.
You haven’t got enough worry lines
Mapped all over your face!

Your doing well
I have to say
Not grinning too much
On your retirement day.

Retirement is a time
For making the most of being alive
For you to live some dreams out
When a new lease of life can thrive
A time to do all those things
That you always wanted to
Retirement is a special time
A time long overdue.

Your school days now are over,
The fun has just begun!
So throw away the rule book,
It’s time to break every one!
No more meeting deadlines,
Risk assessments and more,
It’s time to put those files down,
And head right out that door!
You’ll miss your students and staff,
And the buzz of the busy day,
But you will have so much to look forward to,
As you retire today!

Oh yes the jobs can now be put off,
To be done another day,
Life can be taken at a slower pace,
Nothing HAS to be done today,
No more watching clocks, 
Racing round, getting here and there,
And as for avoiding the rush hour, 
You no longer need to care,
So indulge yourself in hobbies,
Learn a new skill – all at your own pace,
This retirement lark is what it’s all about,
It will all soon fall into place!

I never thought I’d see the day,
When you finally retired,
Shut up shop, downed tools,
Pipe and slippers by the fire,
You’ve finally found the time,
To enjoy life at a slower pace,
At last you are the spectator,
Not running in the race,
So enjoy the world of retirement,
It holds many things in store,
And as the days go rolling on,
You’ll be doing so much more!

At last you are retiring
Put your feet up and relax
Don’t worry about your work now
Just think of paying less tax
You could enjoy some gardening
Maybe a spot of DIY
Who knows you may even have time
To play the game I SPY

Retiring won’t be easy
So take a week or two
To think about your leisure time
What is a girl to do?

Shopping at the latest mall
With bags and shoes galore
Lunching with a long lost friend
Now who could ask for more?

A hobby’s what you really need
To make the time fly past
Life drawing sounds quite interesting
Or take a pole-dance class?

Keep fit lessons down the gym,
Or jogging round the park.
Boxercise is popular,
Now that sounds quite a lark!

Whatever you decide to do
We’re sure you’ll have a ball
Good luck in your retirement
And come back to see us all!

Have a wonderful Retirement

Clock watching is over,
The long holiday’s begun,
Indulge in your hobbies,
You’ll have lots of fun,
Hit the road when you want to,
Long lunches await,
Take life at a slower pace,
It’s your retirement date!

For both of us know as we retire
We can do anything we desire,
There’s time for us every day
We start to get in each other’s way,
We love each other there’s no doubt
Travelling together out and about,
Having interests of our own
Has helped us to have really grown,
We have a lovely family together
So our lives are bonded forever,
Looking back would anything change
Answer is no, that would be strange.

It’s hip hip hip hooray as we raise a glass
Wishing you nothing but good times
On your escape from the working class!!

I hear you are retiring soon
Good Luck and Good Health for the future
I know you love gardening and walking the paths
And getting back to nature

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